Many would always question these while having a website/social channel lack of updated frequently:

Less web traffics and exposure!


Search engines ranks significant not impressive!


Less visitor and returned visitor!


If you have the same dilemmas as above. Don’t panic! You are just one of the millions that is not aware that with a simple online maintenance strategy, your web solution/social channels can be as great as others. The failure to upkeep your web solution/social channels will only increase negative factors contributed less satisfaction rankings. Imagine that your visitors are not impressed whenever they are revisiting your website/social channels. it seems that there isn’t any new updates. Your visitor will be surely not disappointed and they might not eager to visit your site again.

The same goes to your web solution. The more often your site has new updates it will entice your visitor and have good impressions towards your organization or your site. With this simple factor, it’s why visitor frequency haso much impacts to your site ranking in search engines. This is the simplest answer that attempted to be discovered by many people out there. Web Maintenance/Social channel maintenance are as important as web and social media marketing.


Our web maintenance provide you hassle free and the most flexibility you can find on the market. It’s ideal to suit any type of business and environment, no matter you have less updates or rapid updates. Choose one of the package below and get our specialist to handle all of your maintenance concerns.

Maintenance Contract Packages

1.Lightspeed Package (5Hrs/Year)

2.Unblocked Silver Package (10Hrs/Year)

3.OKay Gold Package (20Hrs/year)

4.Superb Assistant Platinum Package (30Hrs/Year)

*Balance credit/year can be carried forward

Pay-As-Go Package

By quote and call Us to find out more


Before you start,

*Rich Medias (Copywriting, Photo, Video) will be pre-prepared by client.
**Hours deduction will be accumulated and updated to client on monthly basis
***Web maintenance is only applied to websites ONLY


Social media

Social channel and pages left abandoned has only create negative impacts to your business. Why not get an RELIABLE outsource team to help you to take care and manage them while you can focus on your main business goal?

  Creative post/Content pre-written with social engagement purpose
  Clean unwanted/junk content especially the one that draw traffic out (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  Provide feedback to all the relative post/messages on time
  Act as online customer service to manage your follower’s inquiries well

With our social maintenance service, you will no longer worry of managing your own social channel while awaits more and more sales inquiries driven in automatically.