ICAP Solution has been in the web industry for more than 9++ years up to date. The principles that keep our company stay competitive and progressing is where we are achieving minor successful milestone currently. We are still hunger for more challenges and bigger success within our long term goal plans. Many customers has been with us beneficial from our strong commitment and desire to provide great supports in every call and every project we have taken since day one.


ICAP Solution  Understand Client’s limitations vs objectives.
ICAP Solution  Strong will to made every project completed.
ICAP Solution  Continuous support and guidance especially in marketing and operational tasks.
ICAP Solution  Provide expandable and customizable solution due to the genuine creation.
  Professional in handling client’s information’s and privacy details.


We don’t start big and failed at the end rather we start small and we have been expanding our team to match our client’s requests.
2 Project Managers, 5 web developers, 1 designer and others administrative staff.
We would welcome any opportunity of venture investor in bringing company to another new level of success!


  2 In-House Web Development to generate new web ventures
  2 Joint-Venture(JV) projects
  1 Medium Scale Web System Development
  70++ Clients trusted ICAP SOLUTION and it’s still counting on…